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It is the duty of the vendor to ensure that the products we use are safe. This requires suitable packaging, safe design and appropriate use and care instructions. If manufacturers of retailers do not adhere to these guidelines, it is very possible for you to sustain an injury or incur damage on your property.

At Willis McKenzie LLP, we want to protect you from these injuries. While we can’t prevent an initial injury from occurring, we can pursue the negligent manufacturers and hold them responsible for the damage caused.

Common types of defective products

The products that injure us are often those we rely on for various needs. Our attorneys have comprehensive knowledge regarding these products and have a swift determination to get you the compensation you deserve. We seek justice against distributors and manufacturers of defective products such as:

  • Tools —We use tools for a variety purposes, such as gardening, home and vehicle repairs and more. If you’ve received an injury from a faulty lawnmower, power saw, air compressor, power drill or any other tool, our attorneys work hard to hold the manufacturers and distributors responsible for their carelessness.
  • Construction equipment —Working with dangerous equipment is part of every construction worker’s daily regimen.  Sometimes, this equipment lacks necessities such as shields and warning devices. When an injury is incurred, the results are often catastrophic. When unsafe or poorly manufactured construction materials leave you with a debilitating injury, our attorneys can help you receive proper compensation.
  • Defective auto parts – Common auto defects include issues with airbags, windshields, tires, door locks and brakes. If you’ve been injured or involved in an auto accident due to the negligence of an automobile manufacturer, we can help you recover damages.

Every lawyer at Willis McKenzie LLP has the necessary experience to help you get back up after you’ve been injured by a defective product. We are dedicated to holding the irresponsible party accountable.

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