Georgia Family Law and Injury Attorneys in LaGrange Offer High-Quality Service

Working with you to build a brighter future

Both injuries and divorces can catch you off-guard. They each add a whole new element of confusion to your life and leave you wondering what the next step will be. At Willis McKenzie LLP, we can help you navigate through the burdens and complications of these situations.

Our LaGrange office consists of five attorneys, each of whom is dedicated to securing a win for your case. Since 1949, we have been providing exceptional services to clients in areas throughout West Central Georgia, such as South Metro Atlanta, Hogansville and West Point. Your satisfaction is our primary goal, and we take no shortcuts in our pursuit.

Attaining just compensation for injury victims

At Willis McKenzie LLP, our attorneys know that suffering an injury can throw a wrench into your plans. You may miss time at work, face increasing medical bills or find difficulty in performing certain tasks and actions. If the negligent actions of another have caused you to suffer a debilitating personal injury, you can rely on our attorneys. We work hard to recover damages for injuries incurred as the result of:

You have every right to seek compensation for the damages suffered. We have the skills to make the guilty party pay.

Helping families overcome their obstacles

Our LaGrange family lawyers provide you with a strong shoulder to lean on and exceptional representation to gain the best outcome for your divorce case. We have extensive experience dealing with issues including:

We are dedicated to helping you put the puzzle back together after your divorce. Our compassion and experience allow us to provide a strong representation on your behalf.

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